Ace Shut Down “Pirated” IPTVBox and PlanetaTV

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All about closing Openload and its domains

In recent days piracy is one of the main enemies of the audio-visual industry. The Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE) is one of the most active groups in the network, looking for web pages that offer content without permission from the copyright owners, and now they have closed two more new websites after Openload.


The ACE is made up of dozens of companies related to the world of entertainment, including Hollywood, Netflix and Amazon Studios. Despite being Americans, its activity takes place worldwide, struggling to close a web page wherever it may be.

A week ago, we see Ace shutdown of Streamango and Openload, the second being the largest pirate content streaming portal in the world.

But they not only seek to end large web pages but also go for small portals. This is the case of and The first is a reseller of IPTV services focused on the Brazilian market, offering 1,000 channels for about 4 euros per month in SD quality. It also had a package for about 9 euros a month that had 13,000 channels in SD, HD, and Full HD, being able to basically watch any content from anywhere in the world. On its website, it was advertised as the largest IPTV channel list in the country.

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Now, the domain is in the hands of the MPA, and upon entering a message appears saying that the website has been closed for infringing copyright. On the web, there is an accountant that, when it reaches zero, redirects to the ACE website to “re-educate” users on copyright issues.


The second website,, had been operating since 2015 and was specialized in offering series. Now, the website also shows the ACE logo and tells us that the website is no longer available for infringing copyright, where it redirects us to the association’s website to try to re-educate us.

More than dozens of download web pages and small portal are closed

As we have seen, Ace effort in the last two weeks has not only gone against these tow Openload, Streamango portals, but they have also closed more domains. Initially,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, oload. best,,,,,,,, and openload.status. had been closed.

It seems that ACE has intensified its activity in the last year and they will try to close all the websites that offer pirated content. Now we will see which will be the next affected.



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