Kodi not working? Common problems and their solution

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Kodi does not work? Common problems and their solution

Kodi is a very powerful open-source application for streaming audio, video content, but it has numerous errors caused by the internet or add-ons, but also by failures in our computer. If you are Kodi users, you will already have discovered that it is not the most intuitive application of all.

The truth is that both Kodi and the Kodi add-ons are free and so we can not ask that everything always work as we want. Sometimes there is one or the other flaw, but with the following advice, you will be able to easily resolve. If you want to know more about Kodi, see our complete Kodi Guide.

Kodi not working

New day, the new guide dedicated to YourLifeUpdated readers. Today, in particular, we will see how to clean up and fix Kodi crashing, freezing and buffering issues.

It is normal that by installing various add-ons, repo and modifying the program settings, in the long run, Kodi will have some problem, blocking or starting to malfunction. Nothing serious, but it would be a shame if Kodi stopped suddenly just as you watch the game of your favorite team, right?

To avoid these accidents it is important to keep the installation of Kodi always optimized and clean, but how is it done? How is it possible to always keep Kodi efficient, fast and error-free? Simple, we use an easy approach on how to clean and fix the Kodi issue in the super fastest way.

Of course, it is possible to clean up and optimize Kodi by hand, but it is not easy and not everyone knows how to do it. That’s why we make this tutorial, let’s see how to fix if Kodi doesn’t work.

1. Kodi crashing or freezing

If Kodi is consistently crashing, pausing or freezing that’s means something wrong. Normally this kind of issue comes when we install or uninstall custom add-on or builds, let see how to fix such kind of issues.

  • Update Kodi: Make sure you have Kodi always updated to the latest version. For iOS and Android devices, you can keep this application easily updated with the App Store and Play Store. While in the case of Windows the application can be easily updated if you download from Microsoft Store. Otherwise, you must download the installer from the Kodi website, as well as in the case of macOS and Linux.
  • Hardware compatibility: The hardware acceleration may cause errors with running Kodi, so disable it might help. To do this, Goto setting > player settings > gear icon with the word Basic or Standard > change it to Expert > go to the Video configuration > and look for Allow hardware acceleration disable this option.
  • Cache clear: Another option is a clear cache of the application and verifies that the problem has been resolved. For Android it is very simple, just go to Settings on the device > Application Manager > search for Kodi in the list > select it and click on the Clear cache.

2. Add-ons failures

The Kodi add-ons are extensions usually free that increase the functionality of Kodi but some cause a problem and make Kodi not work well especially outed one. Most of the add-ons are used or watching online content like movies, series, channels, and others.

There are excellent add-ons like Exodus, Covenant, and Plex, etc. However, even these sometimes go into maintenance or fail to work. This is not Kodi’s fault!

Remove repositories, add-ons and sources that you do not use or have not updated a long time ago can help improve Kodi’s performance. To do this you must do the following:

  • Restarting Kodi: This simple operation allows you to restart the various processes running on your Kodi, which may conflict with the addon and search of the sources.
  • Delete repository: Go to Add-ons > My Add-ons > Add-ons Repository > select the one you want to delete and uninstall it.
  • Remove add-on: To remove add-on follow the steps above. But instead of going to the Repository, you must click on All and you will see the entire list of add-ons. Then select the one you want to delete and uninstall it.
  • Delete a source: In this case, you must go to Settings > File Manager > find the source you want to delete select and Delete Source. Finally, select Yes to confirm that you want to delete it.
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3.Kodi Buffering issues

Sometimes the video takes too long to load, maybe it’s due to network connection problems or large buffer size of videos which cause a delay in start video with poor graphics. To rule out this problem you can do a speed test. If you notice that the speeds are slower than normal, you should contact the customer service of your Internet provider.

Some Internet providers may try to block the Kodi transmission, making it look like the application has problems. In this case, the best option is to use a VPN to bypass the restrictions of your provider.

  • Internet connection: Kodi is able to automatically scale from low-quality video to high quality. Sometimes, scaling can give a feeling of poor quality. To reduce the video scale you can go to Settings, Player Settings and in the gear icon set it to Expert. Then under the Video Settings search for “Enable HQ climbers to scale”. Then reduce the value to 10% and check that it works. If you still have the same problem then disable video scaling by leaving it at 0.
  • Hardware compatibility: You can also disable hardware acceleration. To do so follow the steps above and look for “Allow hardware acceleration” and deactivate it, this could help reduce graphics problems.

4.Dependency error in Kodi

After using Kodi for a while, you may have encountered the error of “Could not install a dependency”. Often there are dependent and necessary files that must be installed with a Kodi plug-in or compiler. So this error will appear when these files cannot be downloaded or installed, and consequently, Kodi will not work correctly.

  • Cache clear: Cleaning the cache is a good option in this case. In the case of Android devices, we explained it in the previous case but for Amazon Fire TV Stick Goto Settings > Applications > Manage Installed Applications > Kodi > and click Clear Cache. Android Box > Settings > Apps > Kodi > click Clear Cache. NVidia Shield > Settings > Apps > Kodi > click Clear Cache.
  • Restore Addons27.db File: In the case of Windows and MacOs the file Addons27.db could be damaged and cause the error. You must go to Settings > File Manager > Profile Directory > Database > delete “Addon27.db”……… Go back to home screen and close application. Now reopen Kodi and try to install the add-on that gave problems. Remember to go to Add-ons, My add-ons and re-enable the add-ons that were already installed.
  • Re-installation: If none of this happens, you may have to try deleting all the application data, uninstalling and reinstalling Kodi. This will solve the problem in a definitive way, worse you will have to reinstall your add-ons from 0. To erase the data in Android you must go to Settings, Applications, look for Kodi in the list and then click on Clear data.

4. Installation Error

Last but not least in the Kodi does not work, we have errors and failures in the installation.

This occurs especially on Android and Windows 10 equipment because Kodi can be installed through its official apps stores. Yes, it is very practical and simple to install Kodi through these apps stores, but the result is not always the expected.

When you install Kodi through these stores, you’re somehow connecting Kodi to Windows or Android services. These services have some specific rules and controls for your apps, so they can sometimes block some kind of connections like streaming sources, etc.

Note that I do not have proof that this “binding and blocking” really happens and is done by these services. However, the fact is that many problems and bugs disappear when you install Kodi directly through the official website.

These are just a few tips for possible solutions when Kodi does not work. Hope this helps.



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