Kodi vs Plex: which media center is best for you

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Kodi vs Plex: which media center is best for you

If you are a native of the internet, you are probably using Plex or Kodi, even both at the same time. But they are different applications, in several ways. Let’s see the differences between Plex and Kodi: which system is best for you?

If you want complete multimedia center on your TV, computer or mobile device you have many alternatives, but the two main ones are almost the same. For that reason, today we are going to tell you the differences between Plex and Kodi, explaining in an understandable way what are the main differences between both alternatives.

Plex vs Kodi, What do they have in common?

Many people confuse Kodi with Plex because, in their most basic form, they do the same things. Both are media players that allow you to play any media content from your local network or from a web source. But like any good media center, Kodi and Plex will also provide additional information such as trailers, screenshots, thumbnails or metadata such as the name of the actors or a summary of the synopsis. They accept all types of codecs and formats, or you can add them through add-ons or extensions.

You can also record videos, movies, and series of television channels that broadcast on the Internet, to see them whenever you want.

Both can play streaming content. You can search for streaming channels, from YouTube to private channels or paid channels, and watch them live on the Internet, without downloading anything.

Choosing between Plex and Kodi actually depends a lot on what you are going to watch with and what you are going to watch it on. If they are so alike, what are the differences between Plex and Kodi?

1 – Kodi is media center, Plex is a media server

As much as Kodi as Plex are two platforms that are already a few years old. And although, as we have seen, they now do almost the same thing, they were very different before. And those differences are still noticeable.

In its origins, Kodi is called XBMC and was created as a multimedia player for the Xbox console.

That is the main function of Kodi: an offline player of all your multimedia content, in any of the devices for which it is available: Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS, Android TV, Raspberry Pi and Xbox One.

Kodi Xbox

Of course, with the additional features and add-ons that have been added over the years, you can also enjoy streaming content from the Internet or use it as a server, but if what you need is mainly a universal media player, Kodi is your choice.

Plex was created before Chromecast existed, as a way of streaming content between different devices, and that is its main function.

You can use it as a local player, but it is intended to be used online. In fact, you have to create an account (free) to use it, while with Kodi it is not necessary. If your goal is to be able to watch videos, music or photos that you have on a hard drive, or on the Internet, on your mobile, TV, or any other screen you have at home, Plex is more prepared for this.

2. Add-ons or extensions

Both Kodi and Plex are basically multimedia playback and file management applications, but they can do many more things. Thanks to the community of both applications and its developers, there are many add-ons and channels available. In this way, they are able to do much more than just play movies or music.

Add-ons are the most interesting feature of Kodi. These add-ons are so useful that they extend Kodi’s functionalities in an unimaginable way. You can download and watch subtitles for the movies or songs you prefer, you can play games with emulators, manage downloads and more.


The latest versions of Kodi has been introduced which support interesting Addons that allow you to watch live TV, watch streaming movies from multiple remote sources, listen to the radio or listen to podcasts. You can watch a lot of channels from any part of the world, as well as record the programs or series that you prefer to watch later.

3 – Kodi is completely free, Plex not

One thing to keep in mind is that Kodi is developed and expanded by a large community of developers and users due to its open source nature. It has a lot of free Addons and both Kodi and these Addons are updated quite frequently.

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However, if you decide to install an Addon that provides you with access to paid content, you will have to pay the required amount to the content provider, such as Netflix or HBO. There are certain Addons that allow you to pass this part of the payment, but we do not enter there anymore.

plex pass

Plex came with free and paid version. The free version of Plex allows you to do most of Kodi’s things, like playing content or sending it to any device. But steaming to other devices is limited, and some functions, such as sending content to the cloud, using multiple accounts, parental control, or recording streaming content to watch it offline, require buying the Plex Pass, which costs $ 4.99 per month, $ 39.99 per year, or $ 119.99 forever.

In addition, although the Plex app for mobile is free, some features, such as maximum playback quality, cost $ 4.

4 – Plex vs Kodi personalization

When we are talking about Plex vs Kodi, personalization is the key point. Kodi allows you to customize it at your whim: themes, plug-ins, and skins so that the most demanding users are satisfied. You can modify almost everything you see, and this is one of the winning points of XBMC.

kodi customization

On the other hand, Plex does not allow much customization level, for example, to install themes you have to do it from a third-party program. You must decide how far you want to go by configuring your multimedia center and choosing which application to use.

5 – Plex is easier to use

One of the differences between Kodi and Plex is that the latter is easier to configure and use since it is focused on all types of users. Simply create an account, install the app on any device, and start transmitting content.

Kodi is also easy to use with the default options, but at the moment you want to customize the interface, add add-ons, etc., things get a bit complicated, due to the hundreds of options it offers.



Now that we have seen the differences between Kodi and Plex, you should already have a clearer idea of which of the two you should choose. Everything is a matter of personal requirements. Let’s summarize the key points:

Advantages of Kodi

Most important advantages and accumulated Kodi valuation:

  • It is a free and open source.
  • Available in a lot of platforms.
  • Add-ons that add many very many features
  • The possibility of watching and recording live TV
  • Easier to install and configure.

Advantages of Plex

Most important advantages and accumulated valuation of Plex:

  • Available on many platforms, including NAS devices.
  • Moderate functions in its free mode.
  • Channels included by default that provide access to quite a lot of streaming content
  • Ideal for those who want to access the content that already in your PC
  • It works well on devices with few resources.


Being two different concepts we can not say that one is better than another. Simply, you will have to choose one or the other depending on the use you want to give it. Plex focuses more on the content you have on one of your computers, while Kodi is committed to getting the content directly from the Internet.

If you have a good collection of multimedia content on your computer and you just want to be able to play it on any other device, then Plex is your choice. It is an extremely simple program to use and has a “Netflix” interface that will not cost you to take your pulse.

On the other hand, if more than enjoying the content you already have, you want a multimedia center to get Internet content, then your choice is undoubtedly Kodi. Of course, you will need a little patience to find add-ons that allow you to see everything you want, as well as to configure everything and leave it to your liking.

In any case, if you do not end up deciding for one, do not worry too much, because you can also use Plex in Kodi totally free, so you’ll only have to install your official addon and that’s it, you’ll have the best of both worlds in one place.



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