Openload closed, One of the largest websites to watch and download movies or series online

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Openload closed, One of the largest websites to watch and download movies or series online

The pressure of associations in defense of copyright is getting stronger. In addition, alliances between companies (Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hollywood studios, entertainment giants), operators and other actors in the sector are proving very profitable. These have achieved in the last hours the closure of Openload, one of the largest websites to download and watch online series or movies.

Last June we told you that Openload did not work, although it was temporary. This website has reached millions of monthly visitors, generating even more traffic than HBO Go. Created with a completely legal purpose of storing files in the cloud, it was quickly “colonized” by pirated content and that violated copyright. ACE points out that it even exceeded in traffic the legitimate portals that broadcast those contents.

All about closing Openload and its domains

With millions of visitors every month, Openload had become a regular page to download and watch movies or series online. This aroused the misgivings of the audiovisual industry. Therefore, from today it is impossible to access this portal and users who try it will see a screenshot of the ACE anti-piracy alliance with the following message that ends by redirecting us to their website.

All about closing Openload and its domains

All this is due to the fact that the DNS of the portal now points to and, previously used in other so-called closures of download web pages and to view online content. In addition to the main domain, others such as,,,, and cannot be accessed.

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Together with Openload, the Streamango portal has also been closed. ACE explains that “Openload and Streamango were portals of mass piracy. Openload only had more than 1000 servers in Europe and America that generated more traffic than many leading sources of legal content. ”

From here we will have to see the effectiveness of these closures that in the past have had very variable results. While in some cases they have been a success to end piracy in many others they have only led to the rapid response of the community by creating several alternatives.

As always, we argue that the best way to fight against piracy is not domain closures or blockages, but that the content offer is available at a reasonable price.  We learned that watching all streaming platforms would cost us more than 70 USD, something that few can consider paying.



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