What is Kodi

Kodi or formerly known as XBMC is an Open Source multimedia program, that brings all your digital media together in one easy-to-use package. It is 100% free and open source, very customizable since you can install a lot of themes to change the appearance. It works on a wide variety of devices. It has the support of a dedicated team of volunteers and a large community.

What is Kodi

Kodi was first developed for Xbox in 2002 by a group of volunteer developers located all over the world. More than 450 software developers have contributed to Kodi to date, and more than 100 translators have worked to expand its reach, making it available in more than 65 languages.

What can I see with Kodi?

  • The big difference is that Kodi is not limited to licenses or brands, such as Apple TV or Chromecast, since it is open source and this allows us to download addons created by the community, to see a myriad of content (I mean a lot).
  • This means endless possibilities that increase almost daily, from television channels around the world to watch movies, series and listen to music.

Is Kodi compatible with my system?

  • Almost certainly, since Kodi is available for Windows, OS X, Linux and Android. Although the installation process for iOS may be a bit more complicated.
  • It also does not use many resources, so you do not need a last generation machine to install it.

How to use Kodi

There are many Android TV boxes that Kodi already have included but if you want to install it on your laptop or mobile you will have to download it beforehand.

  • To download Kodi on your mobile or TV box, you will only have to search it at the Google PlayStore.
  • For your PC (desktop or laptop) we recommend that you download it from the Official website, it is easy to download and install on PC.
  • You only have to choose your operating system, be it Windows, Linux, Mac or others.
  • Then, we execute the downloaded file as we do for any other program that we download and we give it to ” allow ” when it is requested and it is already!
  • If you have another operating system, the installation is also quite simple.
  • For all the steps in detail, we found this guide ” How to Install Kodi Safe and Fast !”

We download and install Kodi successfully on our machine now we have to add channels, movies or music to make it work since the program does not do it by itself.

Add-ons, which makes Kodi unique

For that we have to add ” Addons”  add-ons are just like the extensions used by internet browsers (Chrome or Mozilla) today and the word indicates  ” add” (add) ” on” means grouping several lists of movies, songs, and TV channels etc.

  • The addons are separated by categories you have from Pictures / Images, Programs, Videos, and Music.
  • The addons must be downloaded and they usually come in ZIP format (which is a file compression format, so they occupy less space) and installs them without having to unzip them.

The “Repos”

The repo’s / repository or repositories are like containers of addons (some contain only one addon and others, most, several).

  • When installing a repository instead of several addons, those same addons are updated automatically whenever a new version of the addon is released.
  • There are also giant repositories that contain many smaller repositories, which helps at the time not only to have more content available but also saves us individually searching for the addon we want, because it contains a list with a specific TV channel, movies, and songs, since the probability is that it is part of that giant repository.

The Skin

The skin serves to change the appearance of Kodi, such as changing the style of the letter, the arrangement of menus, creating shortcuts, background images, among many other things, all in order to give our own personalization to Our environment Kodi center. It also has a large catalog of skins to choose from, even you can create your own skin to your liking or install one that has created some other user.

Libraries, another of Kodi’s potentials

We have the ability to create our own content lists, such as putting in favorite channels that we like the most as well as movies and series, including selecting a movie to watch later, without having to save it on the hard drive. We can also configure our own M3U playlists (the format used to create channel lists in Kodi) although that is a bit more advanced, then we will explain later how it works and how to configure them.

Remote controls

With the support of hundreds of remote controls, Kodi can work with TVs compatible with CEC (device to control Kodi from the remote control)) or you can handle it from any application for smartphones and tablets compatible with different operating systems.

  • Kore is the official application of the creators of Kodi, we can use our Smartphone to manage Kodi without getting up from the couch.
  • Yatse is the most popular application to remotely control Kodi.

If you have come this far you will have discovered that Kodi is more than a simple player for Android. So, if you have already used it, tell us your experience in the comments. And if you have not tried it, we recommend you give it a try.

Do I need a VPN for online streaming?

Here are the reasons why you might need a VPN for Kodi, Firestick, and SmartTV:

  • By needing to secure all your activities in the video transmissions and even music from the ISP.
  • Secure all streaming and even torrent sharing on Kodi.
  • Unblock geographically restricted live TV.
  • To improve the speed of games within the application.
  • To overcome the censorship imposed by the European Union and USA Law enforcement agencies.

We must point out that this is not an illegal method to access transmissions through Kodi, which generates security among users who use VPN for Kodi.

Protect Your identity with a VPN

You can use VPN to access videos and content from geographic barriers around the world, in addition to preventing people from spying on what you are watching.


It is important to note that VPN is not only a tool to unblock geographically restricted streaming transmissions, but it also helps us protect our streaming devices, hiding our activity through encrypted codes so that they cannot violate our devices and access the relevant information that we store in them.

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